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CPM - A tough example

Problem Statement
The following table lists a set of 10 tasks that comprise a project, their duration in days, and any other tasks which must be completed before the task can begin.
CPM Table

Complete the following using the task list.
(a) Construct an activity network.
(b) Identify the critical path and calculate its length in days.
(c) Draw a bar chart (also known as a Gantt chart) showing the duration of each task, assuming that each task starts at the earliest opportunity.
(d) For each task not on the critical path, calculate its latest possible finish time and its latest possible start time. These times are in elapsed days since the start of the project. Either list these times or show on the bar chart using a suitable and clear notation.

CPM Diagram

Here are the links to excellent resources on CPM/PERT Applets by John Lamb

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